In 1982 Tony Fry Man had an idea for a fish tank. Working out of a rented storage shed, Mr. Fry Man began creation of the first prototype Safe Haven. It was not easy to create a tank with a hole in the middle, but after a few tries, a working model was built and, more importantly, functioning without any leaks.

Though Fry Man continued to build tanks for himself and close friends, it was not until some years later, that Tony decided to start Fry Man Aquatics and Supply. The company was started as solely as an outlet for the original design of Mr. Fry Man, though the tank had improved through a number of small evolutions. (At the request of a customer in the mid-90's, safes were added to most Safe Haven models, creating the world's first Fish Tank Safe.) Even though there are several variations of the Safe Haven, the original tank design remains the focus of Fishure Tanks.

Once the business was off the ground and running, Mr. Fry Man, continued to oversee operations, including hand building many tanks, while training hand-picked assemblers to put the same amount of care into each tank as he did. In early 2002, Mr. Fry Man took a less active role in the company in order to pursue other career opportunities. Around that time, the name of the company was changed from Fry Man Aquatics and Supply to Fishure Tanks.

Though the Fry Man no longer works directly at Fishure, he is heavily involved in design and the manafacturing process, as well as quality control of all Safe Haven tanks. His word still stands to this day at Fishure.


One of the original sketches of the Safe Haven Fishure fish tanks compared to the final version