Fishure fish tank lit up

Fishure tanks not only makes my fish happy, they make me happy too. - Mary Hatman, Omaha, NE

Sure they took my television, my computer, my wife's ruby necklace, and even took my prized Asian Bonytongue right out of the water. But, at least the Safe Haven IV protected some of my most prized posessions. - William Nelson, San Diego, CA

Surprisingly, we store some of our customers' most valubable items - not in our vault - but in our Safe Haven Four, sitting in the lobby. - Anonymouse

It's not easy for me to get to a fish store. As a result, I needed a tank up for a challenge. Fishure was the only tank I could consider. - Douglas Sharper, Boston, MA

I've had a lot of fish tanks and a lot of algae headaches. I don't know how you do it, but the Algae Assesin treatment plan is like a dream come true. Thanks. - Pete Reynolds, Medford, OR

Being as far as Australia, I wasn't so sure about ordering a tank from you blokes. But, I've had her three years now, and only had to put one fish in the dunny. Well done. - Nigel 'Mike' irium, Coorparoo, Australia

Thanks to a couple of Safe Havens, I've got three happy receptionists, two happy doctors, and a lot of happy patients in my office. - Dr. Megan Ching, Honolulu, HI

After four broken seals in two months, Fishure not only sent me an upgraded tank for free, they also gave me free Piranha*. - Jan Meyers, Lakewood, CO. *Piranha are not legal in all states.

I've served guests water from my tank for dinner. That's how good the CIEnvi System is. - Harry Michaelameous, Conway, AR