Fishure Fish Tank warranty

Fishure is known not only for inovative and quality tanks, but also for the Fry Man Warranty. Based on the legendary designer of the Safe Havens, the Fry Man Warranty is an unlimited warranty on all parts and service for a full five years from the date of purchase. If any part of our tank stops functioning properly within the first five years of purchase, Fishure will replace any needed parts and cover next day shipping for domestic shipping. (International Next Day can not be guaranteed.)

If more than three parts are needed within any year of operation, Fishure will replace the entire tank free of charge.

A lifetime warranty can also be purchase on all Safe Haven models for another $300.00. Please inform your salesman if you would like to upgrade.

The legendary Tony Fry Man, giving a thumbs up while leaning against a Safe Haven tank, with the caption of 'You have my word.'